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Trekking Equipments

If you have proper trekking equipment you can trek with lots of fun and enjoy. But if you don’t have that like your shoe which is smaller to your feet or bigger that may cause blisters and will have a painful trek. The size of your backpack depends primarily on whether or not you have porters on your trip. Those with porters usually carry a day pack with water, snacks, a camera, and rain gear. Those without porters will need a larger pack to fit all of their personal supplies and sleeping equipment. Certain items can be purchased in Nepal. You should satisfy that your cold weather clothing will keep you comfortable down to – 10 degree Celsius. Most of the items mentioned below can easily & cheaply be hired either in Kathmandu or in Pokhara (if you are travelling to the Annapurna Region). Similarly other major places has also similar options but little bit expensive.


Some important equipment are listed below:-