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Hidden Place Trek


“The impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life”

Nepal is the naturally beautiful country so the trekking in Nepal is the most adventurous, romantic and memorable. The Hidden Place Trek is one of the stunning treks which take you into a secret part of Nepal that time forgot. You will access, trek and wild camp in parts of central northern Nepal that very few outsiders have had the privilege of visiting. As an undeveloped area with no lodges, you will be camping in the wilderness and journeying through deep valleys, narrow paths and towering gorges experiencing awesome vistas across the infamous Massif and the remote mountains of the northern border of Nepal and southern Tibet.

Moreover, you will hear their own unique language and you will see how they follow their culture and traditions. Due to geographically difficult location most of the restricted areas of Nepal are sparsely populated so trekking operates in camping basis as there are no lodge or tea houses. Mostly the areas are less visited and regulated with compulsory permit system however trekking areas like upper Dolpo and upper Mustang requires special permit to visit there and it is more expensive too and these type of trekking also called restricted area trekking. Special trekking like Ganesh Himal and Manaslu region are less expensive comparison to Upper Mustang. Most of the special area trekking is control by restriction under the government rule to protect its natural environment and wild life and local culture of around. Therefore the trekking trails always less crowded than Annapurna and Everest regular trekking trails. For restricted area trekking, trekking agency should take special restricted area trekking permit from the government of Nepal. So, it is necessary to organize the restricted areas trekking through government registered trekking agency which will take special permit to enter the restricted areas for the foreigners.

Trekking to these areas, trekkers have definitely something different experience. The Hidden Place Trek offers them to see rare remote culture and unique life style of local tribal people. Together the pristine nature of special area trekking and its wilderness surroundings make to feel it’s a kind of rare exploration trip of life time.
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Guerilla trekking

The Guerrilla Trek will take tourists through the epicenter of the conflict, in western Nepal, where the first skirmishes were fought in Rolpa and Rukum districts in 1996. Unveiling the Guerrilla Trek, along with a map and guidebook written by American Alonzo Lyons, Dahal – who is now the leader of a legitimate political party and a member of parliament – said the trek has the potential to be
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  16 Days
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Upper Mustang

“Traveling: It leaves you speechless. Then turns you into a storyteller” Mustang region of northern-central Nepal, lies in the rain shadow of the Dhaulagiri massif. It is unlike any other place in the country, it is characterized by its barren, windswept humps of mountain desert earth, all shades of pink, purple, brown, and gray but still a very magnificent place to trek through. Geologica
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  22 Days
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Panchase View Trek

If you are someone who has very less time to explore and visit different ethnic communities of Nepal while traveling through some breathtaking destinations on the way then our Panchase Trek is the best trek for you. As it doesn’t take much time to complete, you will be able to explore Nepal in matter of few days, just in time for your flight back home. Nevertheless, it will give you an immeasura
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  07 Days
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Ganesh Himal Trek

“THE HIDDEN VALLEY OF HIMALAYA” Known as the “Hidden Valleys” of the Himalayas, Ganesh Himal Trek takes you into the beautiful Ganesh Himal region of Nepal. Trekkers who choose to go for a trek into the Ganesh Himal Trek are going to travel deep across the Ganesh Himal Trekking trail. The entire trail takes you away to the Tibetan border that closely resembles the Tibetan culture and reli
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  11 Days
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Manaslu Trek

“Traverse through Manaslu: The Mountain of the spirit” A stunning alternative to the Annapurna Circuit or Khumbu region, the vivid landscape of the Manaslu Circuit is a trek truly off the beaten track. Experience the grand beauty of the Manaslu Massif in this secluded mountain trek. Explore monasteries and gain insight into a culturally fascinating region. This trek consists of an ancient sal
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  19 Days
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