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Koshi Tappu Wild Life reserve

5 Days

“Respect nature and it will provide you with abundance”

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve was established back in 1976 with a main focus to protect the rare wild water buffaloes. It has an area of 175 sq. km. which is covered with alluvial flood plain of the Koshi River. Having just area of 175 sq. km the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is the smallest reserve in Nepal. Basically the vegetation mainly includes tall Khar-pater (grasslands), with a few patches of Khar-sissoo (scrub), also riverine forest. The vast stretch of water created by the barrage, marshes, lagoons, mudflats and arable land that lie around it offers an outstanding wetland which has the potential to become a very popular bird watching sanctuary.

The land is teaming up with large number of wild life. Animals such as wild buffalo, wild boar, hog deer, spotted deer and blue bull jackal along with some Gharial crocodile and Genetic dolphins are found here. Not only that but wide variety of ducks, herons, strocks and egrets can be sighted at the riverbank of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. With no rhinos or large carnivores, Koshi Tappu is comparatively safe to enter on foot with a guide, so it serves a good destination for people who like walking around in nature. There will be ample amount of time for visitors to walk around and witness the wild life that the reserve offers has to. And yes there are wild elephants here as they have been known to march in this area so if one wishes to experience something a bit different, then Elephant rides and Canoe trips can also be arranged. It’s also a habitat for Blue bulls; it’s likely that these animals can be seen between the channels of water, a number of semi-permanent islands of scrub and grassland. This unique tour explores the crown jewels of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, whilst enjoying the comfort view of this lush eco system with its wild flora and fauna. And if weather conditions are in favor of us then we also get the chance to see numerous Himalayan peaks including the Makalu I (8,463 m), the fifth highest mountain in the world.

The best time to visit this wonderful wildlife reserve is between October to March when much of the migratory and local birds can be seen by the barrage and many of the river channels. And for your kind information, the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is accessible by air, surface and river. Join Incredible Mountains to get up close with some stunning wildlife experiences in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.