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Guerilla trekking

16 Days

The Guerrilla Trek will take tourists through the epicenter of the conflict, in western Nepal, where the first skirmishes were fought in Rolpa and Rukum districts in 1996.
Unveiling the Guerrilla Trek, along with a map and guidebook written by American Alonzo Lyons, Dahal – who is now the leader of a legitimate political party and a member of parliament – said the trek has the potential to become a “war tourism product” like conflict sites in Vietnam, Russia and China.
The trail starts from war-ravaged Myagdi district and passes through other conflict-hit areas like Baglung, Puthyan, Rolpa and Rukum—which are still home to many former revolutionaries.
Here thousands of Maoist guerrillas once dug trenches and ambushed their enemy during the insurgency. When the Maoists attacked Beni, the district headquarters of Myagdi, in 2004, hundreds of Maoist guerrillas trekked up and down the rugged mountains of Rukum. And hundreds of combatants lost their lives. Part of the Guerrilla Trek follows the route the Maoists used to carry their wounded.

Communist party of Nepal (Maoist) Chairman Prachanda (C) gestures as he arrives to attend the seventh anniversary of the Maoist’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) day at the Shaktikhor cantonment site, Chitwan some 220 kms south west of Kathmandu, 24 November, 2007. The Maoist launched the people’s movement in 1995 but the Maoist PLA was officially formed 23 November 2001. Various political leaders, ministers, officers from the Nepal Army and other high ranking officials were invited to participate in the event. This is the first time that Maoists are celebrating this anniversary in such an open manner, following the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of November 2006 and the first time that officials from the state security agencies have been invited to the programme. AFP PHOTO / PRAKASH MATHEMA (Photo credit should read PRAKASH MATHEMA/AFP/Getty Images)

Trip Highlights

-war affected area of Nepal

-high hills and rocky terrain

-Home stay experience

-interaction with former moist rebels and guerillas

Day to Day Itinerary


Beni: Myagdi district head quarters


Beni to Durbang: 24 kilometer gravel road


Durbang to Takam: 1665 m (6 hrs)
3hrs trek walk away with Gurjal Himal towering overhead


Takam to lamsung 2250 m ( 6hrs ):


Lamsung to Gurjaghat : 3020m/7 hrs
climb through dense pine forest with musk deer darting in the under-wood , 180 views of Dhaulagiri mountain


Gurjaghat to Dhorpatan: 2860m/5 hrs: A hunting reserve area , entrance of Dhorpantan


Dhor patan to Nisi: 5 hrs : this place is a paradise for bird


Nisi to Tallosera : 7hrs : the village cover by the Magar community which is one of the ethnic group of Nepal , moist base area


Tallosera to Rujhikhola : 6hrs : stay over night in lodge


Rujhikhola to Thobang: 5 hrs : Thobang is the cradle of the moist revolution . it was damaged in army attacks and parts of the town were flattened by ‘torabora’ mortar shells dropped from helicopter . stay over night in lodge


Thabang to Jaljale : 5 hrs : The height point in Jaljale is Dharampani (3900m) . we can see the great view of Dhaulagiri mountain from Dharampani in the east and Api, saipal himal as well.


Jaljale to Jelbang : 6hrs: stay in lodge


Jelbang to Sulichour : 6hrs : Sulichour is the district head quarters of Rolpa and we can get pitch road at that place . stay over night in lodge