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  • Incredible Mountains consist various  trekking pacakges

    Trekking is combination of hiking and walking activity in which people take multi-days trips in rural, un development area.  In another words, Trekking is making a journey/trip on foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas often for multiple days and along lovely mountains villages and enjoying nature and/or close contact with people in remote mountain villages where lifestyle sometimes is unchanged since many generations. Trekking is also done in risky mountain areas so it will help to gain more adventurous build up capacity to the trekkers’. Trekker will get knowledge that is more adventurous with the real life scenario in mountain areas or in remote area. In case of Nepal, Nepal has many places where people can easily do trek for 3 days up to 3 months.  To be a trekker they must have to there things that are Budget, Holiday, willing to do adventure. Trekking will not done free by the Trekking company so that they most pay the expenses during their trekking trip and They must have a holiday for such trip and last one is trekker must be capable to do a trek and he/she have to willing do adventure work.

    If people have all these attributes, they can easily do trek with contacting in our company, we will help to you people giving quality services according to clients desire.

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