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  • Top 3 Most Popular Trekking Lakes of Nepal

    BY Incredible Mountains
    Top 3 Most Popular Trekking Lakes of Nepal

    You may have heard about Nepal and its iconic Himalayas that are truly extraordinary in their own world. Covering a huge area up in the northern belt of Nepal, people have always admired the snowcapped massifs that stay beautifully above everyone. However, that’s not the only thing that is there about Nepal. Anyone who may come into Nepal will slowly understand that the Himalayas are just a part of Nepal as there are several other natural aspects to fall in love with while staying in Nepal.

    Among those natural heritages are the serene yet breathtaking Himalayan lakes of Nepal which make the journey inside Nepal more fun & at the same time worthwhile. No matter how this all may sound, Nepal is still a diverse country that doesn’t limit itself to one particular thing like the Himalayas. There are many lakes inside Nepal’s territory that are unique on their own and possess a certain kind of charm that will mesmerize anyone who visit them. Therefore, today I will be writing about those lakes which you must visit while staying in Nepal.


    • Phewa Lake

    Pokhara is a very famous touristic city of western Nepal. After all, who can say no its tantalizing city streets, scenic lovely views of the mountains and the availability of delicious national & international cuisines. But even with all that, there’s something extra for foreign tourists to witness. Phewa Lake is located in Pokhara just along the shores of the Lakeside Street. Known as the best place to stay in Pokhara, the Lakeside street is a lot more than just a touristic market area. But rather it is that place from where you can enjoy and spend the night while gazing at the stunning Phewa Lake. What’s more is that, you can even go boating there.


    • Tilicho Lake

    Located in Manang District, Annapurna region of Nepal lies the awe-inspiring Tilicho Lake. It is a lake well known to explores from around the world. Not just because it’s a beautiful lake to see. But because it’s the world’s highest lake according to the elevation of its current position. Tilicho Lake is 4,919 meters above sea level due to which it takes a couple of days to reach here from Pokhara. Nevertheless, it will be a worthwhile venture for those who dare to visit this amazing lake. Mainly for the reason that it looks incredible and who doesn’t want to their friends that they visited the world’s highest lake while traveling in Nepal.


    • Gosaikunda Lake

    If you are one of those individuals who have very less time to stay in Nepal and have to head back to your country in a matter of days, then Langtang will be your best chance to experience trekking in Nepal while making sure that you will get back to Kathmandu in time for you flight back home. As Langtang region is situated close to Kathmandu, it is a close by destination for short time travelers. In addition to that it also has one of the most revered Himalayan lakes of Nepal- Lake Gosaikunda. It is an alpine freshwater lake that is situated near to the Tibetan border of Nepal.