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  • Reasons to go Trekking in Nepal

    BY Incredible Mountains
    Reasons to go Trekking in Nepal

    No one can deny the fact that Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the world to travel. There’s always something amazing going around in Nepal. Either it be the Himalayas or the friendly local people you meet, the notion of traveling in Nepal is somewhat a rather unique one. And that’s because Nepal as a travel destination has always welcomed and honored adventurers who dare to explore and see what lies inside this stunning garland of ethnic, cultural, historical and natural diversity.

    Geologically, Nepal has been a great place for advent travelers as you get to cross high Himalayan passes, climb some of the world’s highest mountains and even go for jungle safari while you’re at it. These all things are only possible in Nepal. With so much to explore, no wonder, there’s a huge market for tourism in Nepal specially activities like trekking and touring. And even though Nepal’s northern and southern belts are deeply connected to each other, they vary from each other greatly.

    In the north you have the great, majestic Himalayas who have bewildered and fascinated the eyes and souls of many people since millennia. So much so that, Nepal is even known as the land of the Himalayas. Due to this reason alone, Nepal witnesses a great mass of foreign tourists stepping inside its territories each year. And that number simply keeps on increasing with each passing year. After all, who doesn’t want to see the world’s highest mountain range with their own eyes.

    It’s breathtaking experience for all of them who have managed to reach the base camp of the mountains. Even though, many go further than the base camp and conquer the entire mountain itself. Many others just want to feel intensity of trekking there by enduing some long days on an arduous Himalayan terrain that just can’t be over looked. Everywhere you look the sceneries are bound to make you fall in love with Nepal more. It’s not just the end goal that’s lucrative but rather it’s the entire journey from the start to finish which is overwhelming for most of the trekkers.

    Yes, if you don’t have much time and just have 1 or 2 days to explore Nepal, then there’s Heli Tours that can take you all the way to places like Everest Base Camp. It’s quite fun to fly above the Himalaya skyline and witness the grand snowcapped mountains while remaining inside the safety of a Helicopter. It’s easier and it saves a lot of you time. So, this can be another way to experience the beauty of Nepalese Himalayas. While the thought of Heli Tour sounds fun, it’s a bit expensive than trekking. But all in all, it can be a fun experience for people who are physically unfit and can’t spend much time in Nepal.

    Having said that, I would rather go trekking as it feels more genuine and right to reach the base camp by taking your time going through several villages and town en-route. The people you meet, the teahouses you stay in, the memories which you make along the way, the rivers you cross and the will to keep going even though your feet aching, that’s what makes trekking in Nepal an experience of a lifetime. Besides that, going trekking in Nepal helps to improve the economic condition of Nepal in general as most of nation’s economy is dependent upon foreign currency which tourists like you pay while trekking in Nepal.

    Just consider this, when you go trekking you will want to hire a guide and even a porter if you think you won’t be able to carry your backpacks during the entire trip. And once you hire those people, it will directly help them earn a few bucks which can help them take care of their families’ expenses such as school fees, food, clothing, medical bills and bank savings. Later on, this will help improve their financial conditions and make way for their future growth.