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  • Enjoy cooking Nepali cuisine

    BY Incredible Mountains
    Enjoy cooking Nepali cuisine

    Nepal is rich in culture, traditional, festival and in natural resources likewise it is very rich in food varieties. The food items are also affected by cultural, tradition and topography. People eat vegetarian as well non vegetarian food in equal proportion. People in Nepal eat fresh and home cooked food. Mother at home generally cooks food for the family.Nepalese food although very tasty, has not reach the popularity of Chinese cuisine and french cuisine, simply because it has been not introduced internationally in a proper manner.Foreign tourist come to Nepal relish the food here, but they do not know the preparation method and cannot get the authentic herb in their country in their country. Nepalese people are not rich enough to open restaurant and introduce their food but now a days every Nepalese emphasize to introduce their food. So if foreigner are interested then we can teach them how to cook Nepali cuisine.