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mo-chhu-rafting-bhutanJourney to Nepal is a spectacular and culturally fascinating world with us. Since 1988 we have been organising small trekking groups to some of the most beautiful and culturally fascinating parts of the world. We are a family owned specialist trekking company. We operate an informal and friendly.However, these sites are packed with logistical information like how to use public transit to get from an airport to city center, tourism resources like the opening hours to a city’s most famous museum, and beautiful imagery. Tourism sites have matured over the past few years to add social data and offer mobile tools. They’ve also become more beautiful. We searched through hundreds of tourism websites for countries, states, and cities to produce this list of the 20 best

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01:

Arrive at Paro Airport:
The flight into the Himalayas reveals scenic and breathtaking views of Himalayan Mountains of the world. Landing in the Paro Valley, surrounded by 4000 meter high mountains stretching across the west of Bhutan, enables you to have a visible landing which is indispensable and makes your day an unforgettable one.
Drive to Thimphu,

Day 02:


Day 03:

Thimphu to Punakha

Day 04:

Punakha to Paro:

Day 05:


Day 06:

Paro, departure