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Trekking and Tours are one of the best travel activities which you can do while staying in Nepal, there’s no doubt about that. However, it can be little problematic to choose and go on the right trek if you are running out of time or have short time to explore Nepal. Hence, to assist you solve these exacts issues, we have created the short trekking and tour packages for you to choose from. You simply have to look down below and you will see all of ours short trekking and tour packages that will let you enjoy the wonders of Nepal in a limited amount of time.

Panchase View Trek

If you are someone who has very less time to explore and visit different ethnic communities of Nepal while traveling through some breathtaking destinations on the way then our Panchase Trek is the best trek for you. As it doesn’t take much time to complete, you will be able to explore Nepal in matter of few days, just in time for your flight back home. Nevertheless, it will give you an immeasura
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  07 Days
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