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“When you want to change the course of your life, it’s time for an adventure”

Nepal is perhaps one of the few countries in the world where you get to trek and climb the highest mountains in the world along with Jungle safaris in its forests which are considered to be the densest in the entire South Asian region. The country has huge range of potentiality to offer various adventure sports to travelers for the joy afterward with its real rewards. Nepal simply makes your dream come true if you want to indulge yourself with adventurous activities in the most pristine and untouched forms of nature. The range of activities that a person can get their hands in is huge as we tend to offer Bungee Jumping, Rafting, Paragliding, Rock Climbing, Fishing, Mountain Flight, Mountain Biking and many more…

Incredible Mountains offers the best quality service to the travelers so that they can fully grab and enjoy all the varied adventure activities. We aim to provide the most memorable and thrilling adventure packages alongside our professional and experienced staffs. Come to Nepal and relive your life by going through its larger-than-life adventure activities that lie within its vast natural kingdom.

You can go through our varied tour packages listed below and contact us if any queries arise.

Mountain Biking

Nepal is an amazing country which can only be viewed by walking or trekking. But nowadays, mountain biking has become a serious alternative as its popularity has increased in the past years. Mountain biking popularity makes the availability of various types of mountain bikes to be easily available for rent in many different regions of Nepal, where you’ll also find good route information and well
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Ultralight Tour

Just envision how overwhelming the experience would be to fly over one of the most beautiful valleys in Nepal! The Ultra light tour takes you from Pokhara Airport which provides you with an experience of being almost an aerial creature. Flying in the sky, you can cherish the eye-catching views of the lakes, hills, mountains and surrounding villages. The flight as such helps you navigate through
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Paragliding in Nepal

This grand Himalayan venture is a must for every visitor to Pokhara! Glide elegantly and float over obscurity shrouded monasteries, beautiful turquoise lakes, rampant Himalayan Rivers, striking jungles and villages forgotten by time. A standard launch takes off from the lush ridge northwest of Pokhara, whereas if you are looking for something that lasts a longer, then we can extend air time and
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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Nepal is becoming one of the hottest sports to do for visitor and locals due to the awesome natural rock faces in majestic settings. Rocking climbing is an immense adventure activity gaining quite interest at present amongst tourist and young generation. Thanks to Kathmandu for being a valley we are completely surrounded by rocks. There are many climbing sites in Kathmandu ranging
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Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping in Nepal will offer the visitors the real adventure at falling from the high altitude at the real and natural places. The surroundings available at the bungee jumping area will be mesmerizing to see. The ever flowing river Bhote Koshi has increased the real importance of the bungee jumping in Nepal. The bungee jumping can be done at other countries too but not in the natural environ
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Mountain Flight

Incredible Mountains offers Mountain flight through various domestic airlines; take-off from Kathmandu airport in the early morning for an hour’s worth of spectacular mountains scenery. Mountain flight is suitable for all categories of traveler. For those who are restricted by time from going trekking can get panoramic view of the Himalayas in just an hour. As the aircraft lifts up and heads
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